Rosary Teaching Board

Rosary Teaching Board 

  This is a great and fun way of spending some time over a few lessons with your class to teach them the mysteries of the Rosary and to use in Classroom Prayer time - It would also be a great craft to complete yourself to use as a Rosary Teaching tool!   

You will need:

An A3 hardwood board or stiff card

An A3 sheet of sugar paper

Images of the mysteries of the Rosary

Prayers and Mysteries of the Rosary

53 Buttons (of any colour!)

6 large buttons or Flat beads

some glitter craft or PVA glue

A Crucifix

and a printer!

Some other Ideas for the Prayer Board: 

Why not make this a whole school activity during the month of October? 

The Primary 4's could do the Joyful Mysteries, Primary 5 - The Sorrowful Mysteries; Primary 6 the Glorious Mysteries and Primary 7 The Luminous Mysteries. 

The board could then be displayed in the school prayer space or entrance hall for children, parents and teachers to see!