Beads with Faith is a family run company based upon the Rosary and its teachings. As a Catholic company we aim to encompass faith and bead craft to create handmade Rosary beads, chaplets and Christocentric jewellery items. This blog will contain faith centred articles, information about our workshops and some of our products.

The Wanderlust Catholic

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We were absolutely delighted to recieve our first subscription letter from 'The Wanderlust Catholic' at Annunciation designs! This monthly subscription letter is a wonderful way to learn something new about our Faith and about Catholic places around the world! Its also beautifully personal and wonderfully presented! 

Wanderlust Catholic 


Each month, subscribers will receive a hand-lettered and illustrated letter detailing the beauty and wonder of a piece of Catholicism.  Explore churches, apparition sites, Saints’ homes, pilgrimage sites, local traditions, and more.  Children and adults alike will watch the mailbox in anticipation, awaiting a new tale.

Just $6 a month, your letter will surprise, delight, and instruct your family. It is an absolutely wonderful initiative and i was delighted to recieve my first one! The kids loved reading it and it was so inspiring! 

If you decide to subscribe to the monthly subscription, to recieve 15% off your first three months use the code beadswithfaith15

Also please let me know if you decide to subscribe and what you think of your monthly happy mail! 

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