Beads with Faith is a family run company based upon the Rosary and its teachings. As a Catholic company we aim to encompass faith and bead craft to create handmade Rosary beads, chaplets and Christocentric jewellery items. This blog will contain faith centred articles, information about our workshops and some of our products.

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  1. A Daily Examinaion of Conscience - Fr Michael Gaitley

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    As many of you will know we are currently, undertaking the 33 day Preparation for Marian Consecration, to Consecrate on the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary! This has been an incredibly joyful and wonderful experience. Some of the Group are following St Louis de Montfort's Preparation process and some, Fr Michael E Gaitley's "33 Days to Morning Glory" preparation. There are even some following both! Truly this is a huge blessing on us all and it was very unexpected and Spirit Led for us to start this group! God is so Good! 

    One thing I have found absolutely brilliant about this journey, is that in taking this time to prepare our hearts to be truly lead 'To Jesus, through Mary', it has made me truly wonder just how we can in this time of great difficulty in receiving the Sacraments think about preparing for hearts, minds, bodies and souls for consecration, becoming totally Jesus' through her. 

    One important part of this is the 'daily examens', there are many versions of this available and i tend to use a different one so I hadnt looked at this version previously and it is quite simply beautiful. 

  2. Saint Teresa of Calcutta - Our New Saint!

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    "Fear not. Teach them to say the Rosary - the family Rosary and all will be well. - Fear not - Jesus and I will be with you and your Children"

    The Blessed Virgin Mary to Mother Teresa, 1947

    What a beautiful message from Our Blessed Mother! 

    Saint Teresa of Calcutta praying image Beads with Faith


    One of the amazing things of our time, our generation, the John Paul II generation,  has seen the Canonisation of more Saints than any other, we have seen living, breathing Saints before us too - we have seen Sainthood in action - for me - I find this absolutely amazing, and also in many respects humbling, we are told to strive to be Saints, how many of us do?

  3. Heart of Mary womens Fellowship

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    We have been really blessed here at Beads with Faith to be finding such a wonderful variety of Catholic and Marian Ministries across the world and Heart of Mary Womens Fellowship has really captured my heart and attention. it is a Parish based women’s fellowship that is 7 years old, the work that the Blessed Mother is doing through this Ministry is phenomenal, not only in the place where it began but across America and the world, lives and hearts are being touched by Our Blessed Mother through this beautiful ministry.