Bespoke Design and Wedding Rosary Beads

Bespoke and Wedding Rosary Beads

Bespoke Design Service

If you would prefer to have a completely unique Rosary or Saints Chaplet this option is available. Below are some previous bespoke Rosary Bead designs with descriptions of their components to give you an idea of what is possible with your custom Rosary Beads. If you already know what you are looking for you can order directly from the shop. Should you still have some questions or wish to discuss your order prior to processing please contact us and we will get back to you within 48 hours. 

Please note we cannot make your Rosary beads without full, non-refundable payment in advance, this is because the components (beads, centre and materials) are ordered especially for your custom Rosary.

Hand Wrapped Full Traditional Rosary Beads - £50-80 

Hand Knotted Full Traditional Rosary Beads - £20-40  

Hand knotted 15 Decade Rosary Beads - £45 - 80 

depending upon bead choice and materials 

You can visit the Gallery of Rosaries that have gone to new homes if you need some more inspiration. You can also simply tell me a bit about the person the Rosary beads are for and I will pray for the person and inspiration from the Lord and come up with a beautifully designed Rosary for you. 

Bespoke Design Wedding Rosary Beads 

The Beads with Faith Wedding Rosary is two full individual Rosaries which meet and become one before the Christ - as husband and wife do in the Sacrament of Marriage. Each Rosary has 5 decades as well as its own Center medal and tail of 3 Ave Maria and 2 Paternoster beads; they join at a third center medal to drop into another series of 3 ave's and 2 paters and are joined at the one Crucifix. 

These wedding Rosaries have been well received by the couples who, I know will continue to be in the arms of Mary our Mother with Christ at the center of their Marriage. 

All of our Rosary beads are created with prayer and I am sure the wedding Rosaries continue to have the couples' love for each other and of Jesus and Mary prayed on them with great and sincere love. Our Blessed Mother embracing them each step of the way. 

Hand wrapped full wedding rosary beads - £80-£150 

Knotted Cord full wedding rosary beads - £50-£80 

depending on bead choice and materials

Still have some questions or wish to discuss prior to ordering your Wedding Rosary Beads? Contact us and we will be in touch within 48 hours.