10 Stunning Big Braids Hairstyles with Beads for 2021: A Step-by-Step Guide for a Bold and Beautiful Look [Perfect for Natural Hair Enthusiasts]

10 Stunning Big Braids Hairstyles with Beads for 2021: A Step-by-Step Guide for a Bold and Beautiful Look [Perfect for Natural Hair Enthusiasts] info

What is big braids hairstyles 2021 with beads?

Big braids hairstyles 2021 with beads is a popular hairstyle trend that involves creating large, intricate braids in the hair and adding colorful beads as accessories. This style is often seen on African American women and has been around for centuries.

  • Braiding technique: This hairstyle requires a specific braiding technique to create big, chunky braids that are both stylish and protective.
  • Beads: To create the iconic look of this hairstyle trend, colorful beads are added as accessories to the ends of the braids. These can range from plastic pony beads to wooden or metal beads for a more natural look.
  • Cultural significance: The history behind this hairstyle tradition goes back many years in African culture, where it served as more than just a trendy style but also had spiritual or cultural significance depending upon the tribe or language group being referenced.

How to Achieve the Perfect Big Braids Hairstyles 2021 with Beads Look: Step-by-Step Guide

For those of us with longer hair, big braids hairstyles are one of the most popular and trendy options around. If you’re looking to get in on this look for 2021, then you’ve come to the right place! Not only will we show you how to create the perfect big braids hairstyles with beads, but we’ll also give you a step-by-step guide to make sure that you’re doing it right.

Step One: Wash and Condition Your Hair

The first step in getting the perfect big braids hairstyle is to start by washing and conditioning your hair. This will help ensure that your hair is clean and free from any buildup or oils that might affect how your braids turn out.

Step Two: Detangle Your Hair

Next, take some time to detangle your hair before you start braiding it. This can be done with a comb or brush, but we recommend using your fingers as it’s gentler on your strands.

Step Three: Section Your Hair

After detangling, section off your hair into small manageable chunks using clips. This will make it easier for you to work with each section at a time.

Step Four: Start Braiding

With one section of hair nearest your scalp, begin creating a braid. Make sure that each strand is closely aligned for a neat appearance. As you braid downwards, add more sections of hair until complete the length needs have been reached before securing an elastic band at the end.

Step Five: Lace With Beads

Now comes the fun part – lacing beads onto each individual braid! Take an appropriately sized bead and thread it through until too close towards scalp without causing any stress points along locks.

Step Six: Repeat Until You’ve Finished All Sections

Now simply repeat steps four and five on all sections until all of them have been completed!

So there you have it – six simple steps to achieving the perfect big braids hairstyle for 2021 with beads. Remember to take care when braiding or lacing the hair to avoid excess tension that could lead to breakage, and enjoy rocking this trendy look!

Top 5 Facts About Big Braids Hairstyles 2021 with Beads That You Didn’t Know

Big braids hairstyles are a timeless classic and have been popular for years. These trendy styles come in various forms, from box braids to Ghana braids, and can be styled with beads of different shapes and sizes for that extra touch of African beauty. The intricate designs created with these types of braiding techniques give you an opportunity to express your creativity and achieve an authentic look that makes heads turn.

In this post, we’ll share some fun facts about big braids hairstyles with beads that you probably didn’t know.

1. Braided Headbands

One of the hottest trends in big braid hairstyles is wearing a braided headband. It’s a versatile style that suits any occasion – whether you’re going to work or out on a date. You can opt to create one large thick braid as a headband or make several smaller ones that wrap around the whole head.

2. Size Matters

When it comes to choosing loose hair extensions (Kanekalon) for your braid, it’s important not to use too much or too few packs. Using too many packs will create too much pressure on your scalp making them heavy while less will mean you don’t maximize the full potential of the braids’ thickness.

3. Beads Add Flair

If you’re thinking about adding some flare to your traditional big braids hairstyle, then beads are perfect! They add a touch of glamor and elegance while allowing you to express yourself creatively. You can incorporate dreadlocks into your style by simply wrapping them together at the ends with colorful beads!

4. Protective Style

Big Braids hairstyles offer protection from harsh weather conditions like extreme heat or cold winds, especially during summer or winter seasons when our hair suffers most damage due to outside elements like dust, sunburns among others.

5. Mix It Up

If you want something unique try mixing colors in one braid Hair extension manufacturers produce Kanekalon hair in various colors that can be combined expertly to create fantastic styles you may have never thought of before.


Big braids hairstyles are a perfect way to express your creativity while protecting your natural hair. Beads and loose hair extensions can also add an extra touch of glamour and flare! Whether it’s for a formal or casual look, big braids will give you that African-inspired look with endless styling options. So why not try out one of these stunning looks next time you’re looking to switch up your ‘do?

Frequently Asked Questions About Big Braids Hairstyles 2021 with Beads Answered

Big braids hairstyles are arguably the most coveted style choice amongst women. It not only gives a unique and stunning appearance, but it also serves as an excellent protective hairstyle that is perfect for natural hair. This fashion trend comes with various styles, patterns, and sizes of braids combined with color strands and beautiful beads to create eye-catching styles suitable for any occasion.

If you can’t seem to get enough of such beautiful statement-making hairstyles, here are some frequently asked questions about big braids hairstyles 2021 with beads answered-

Q: What type of extensions are best suited for Big Braids Hairstyles?

There are so many types of extensions out there on the market today; however, when it comes to Big Braids Hairstyles, there’s no better option than using either crochet braiding or kinky human hair since these offer the necessary durability required by the size of the braid.

Q: Can my hair still grow while wearing these Big Braids Hairstyles?

Absolutely! In fact, Big Braids Hairstyles can be an excellent way to protect and keep your natural hair healthy while still experiencing growth. However, ensure that you take appropriate care regimes that include keeping your physical scalp as clean as possible during its wear time.

Q: How Long Will The Style Last After Installation?

One great advantage of installing big braid hairstyles 2021 is how long they last once installed properly. Depending on how well one takes care of their bold cornrows and use recommended products like oils or creams/moisturizers to keep them sleek-looking they can hold their style anywhere from six weeks upwards before needing a slight touch-up.

What kind of Beads would look best with my Braid-Hairstyle?”

To maximize a chic gorgeous look after rocking bold big braids hairstyle 2021 nothing does it better than adding lovely beads intertwined within each braid style in different colors that stand out—classic clear colored transparent versions, gold or silver-toned metallic beads. However, it’s important to consider the kind of beads you choose since some low-quality beads can snag and pull your braids out especially during takeouts.

Q: Is There a Specific Face Shape that Best Suits Big Braids Hairstyles?

Absolutely Not! The beauty of Big Braids hairstyles 2021 is their versatility and how they complement different facial features, bringing out individual uniqueness no matter your face shape or skin tone. So think about the style you want and let your hairdown.

In conclusion, big braid hairstyles are not only stunning but, when combined with adornments like lovely beaded strands make anyone wearing them stand out from any crowd—an amazing way to express yourself in extraordinary fashion.

The Benefits of Adding Beads to Your Big Braids Hairstyles in 2021

Big braids have been a popular hairstyle for centuries, and for good reason. Not only do they provide an edgy, bold look, but they also offer versatility in styling. You can wear them up or down, long or short, and accessorize them with various hair accessories.

One accessory that can take your big braid hairstyle to the next level is beads. Beads are small ornaments made from a variety of materials such as plastic, glass, wood, metal or bone which create a beautiful accent to any style of hair braids. They come in different colors, shapes and sizes so you can choose the perfect gems to match with your personal style.

Here are some reasons why adding beads to your big braids hairstyles in 2021 is completely worth the effort.

Firstly, incorporating beads into your big braids creates a unique and individualized look that makes you stand out amongst the crowd. It will add an extra element of creativity and originality to your already chic hairstyle.

Secondly, beads can help elongate your braids even further by weighing them down lightly so that they hang longer without looking unkempt or messy. The added weight can give your locks some impressive volume while keeping the style neat and tidy.

Moreover, using brightly colored beads adds vibrancy and energy to any hairstyle. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, use multicolored beads on alternating strands for an even brighter effect.

In addition to aesthetics, bead accessories actually have some functional benefits when used correctly in hairstyles like these:

Using rubber bands alone in tight cornrows/braids are known culprits for breakage., Beads can help secure cuticles down thus being gentler on follicles helping protect it against prolonged manipulation

Beads make it easier to manage rough ends preventing premature splits

Lastly,Caring for bead adorned hairstyles should be taken seriously; sticking exactingly to maintenance routine helps preserve quality of hair over time.

In conclusion, adding beads to your big braids hairstyle not only enhances the beauty of your hair but also helps to minimize the breakage risk that can happen with tight hairstyles. Accessorizing with beads are as easy as clicking and sliding it in place; with many options for colors, shapes and sizes,it is pretty straightforward to find a look that best matches your vibe. With frequently changing styles and trends, this enhancement will never go out of style!

Big Braids Hairstyles 2021 with Beads for Different Hair Types and Lengths

As we move into 2021, it’s the perfect time to switch up our hairstyles and try something new. And one of the hottest trends for this year is big braids with beads! These styles are perfect for those looking to make a bold statement, embrace cultural heritage, or simply try out a fresh and fun style.

One of the greatest things about big braids with beads is that they can be worn by women of all hair types and lengths. Whether you have naturally curly hair or straight hair, long or short locks, there’s a big braid style out there that will suit you!

For those with natural coily textures, consider trying out jumbo box braids. These thick braids create an eye-catching and dramatic effect while also providing your scalp with much-needed protection. Adding colorful beads to your braids can take this look from beautiful to bohemian chic.

If you have wavy or curly tresses, consider rocking goddess locs – another trending protective style for 2021! These oversized dreadlocks are created using human hair extensions or synthetic crochet hair which can be styled different ways based on personal preference such as undone/curly ends, coupled with accessorizing it jewelry-like beads for extra glam.

Women with straighter hair can definitely rock these looks too! Consider opting for sleeker cornrows in bigger sections than the usual size as done crocheted ahead of black girls adopting them. Add wraps around some cornrows using colorful thread before adding smaller complimenting beads completing a daring look.

The best thing about styling big braids with beads is the versatility itoffered as these styles translate effortlessly from day to night looks.This trendy look can be rocked anywhere from office environments to dates due its ease in dressing-up or wearing casually without losing its edge – voluminous braids paired (accessorized)with bright patterns dresses give elegant/causal vibes.For instance,a tie-back satin dress paired with long flowing earrings and a braided lace crown will transform any outfit from pure vanilla to full trendsetter.

Undoubtedly, big braids with beads are show-stoppers and every lady should try out these styles at least once in her life. They’re on-trend for 2021 and beyond – bring being dynamic, unique and stylish to another level!

Braids are a classic hairstyle that is here to stay. They are one of the most versatile hairstyles that can be rocked on any occasion, be it casual, formal or for a night out. And when we talk about big braids hairstyles with beads, they take the game to a whole new level.

Braids have been around for centuries and have evolved over time with various styles, sizes and shapes but big braids are taking the 2021 spotlight! From box braids to cornrows and everything in between, big braids add volume and length to your hair, giving you plenty of styling options.

Adding beads to your braids not only adds an extra touch of glam but also helps protect your hair from damage. Beads also provide weight which supports hair growth by helping retain moisture and prevents breakage caused by tight braiding.

Here are some trendy ideas for rocking your big braids hairstyles with beads:

1. Jumbo Box Braids With Gold Beads – Go bold with this classic style. Box braids can never go wrong when picked as your protective hairstyle. When you add some gold beads at the end of each braid, you’re enhancing their beauty even more!

2. Space Buns With Small White Beads – Take inspiration from the Star Wars universe and flaunt space buns adorned with small white beads. Nothing can get cuter than this!

3. Long Cornrows With Silver Beads – Shine bright like a diamond with long cornrows accessorized with silver beads!

4. Half-Up Half-Down Braided Bun – This sassy half-up half-down twist out is such an elegant way to put your large box braid together into one neat bun accented very tastefully using lovely simple brown wooden bead decorations.

5.Wavy Box Braids With Neon Beads – Add some fun color vibes to your look by getting a wavy box braid hairstyle complemented with neon beads!

6. Waterfall Braids With Clear Beads – Waterfall braids have been a staple for ages now, and when paired up with clear beads, they exude elegance in abundance.

7 . Goddess Braids With Gold Cuff Beads – Show your inner goddess by turning to the classic goddess braid hairstyle but adding gold cuff beads that make you stand out even more.

8. Big Fulani Braids With Cowrie Shells – This traditional African style is making a comeback in 2021 with its distinctive zig-zag pattern and statement cowrie shell accents.

These are just a few examples of ways you can rock your big braids hairstyles with beads. The beauty of this trend lies in the fact that there are endless possibilities when it comes to choosing different styles and bead combinations to suit your personality and occasion.

In summary, big braids hairstyles with beads are perfect for anyone looking for easy-to-maintain protective hairstyles while keeping fashion and glam intact. So next time you’re thinking of getting your hair done, don’t forget the versatility of big braids combined with beautiful accessories like handcrafted unique colored wooden beaded decorations!

Table with useful data:

Hairstyle Description Materials
Big Box Braids with Beads Large braids that are parted equally and adorned with decorative beads. Kanekalon hair, rubber bands, beads
Jumbo Twist Braids with Beads Chunky twists that are styled into a bun or left loose, with colorful beads scattered throughout. X-pression hair, hair ties, beads
Chunky Cornrow Braids with Beads Big, intricate braids styled into a zig-zag pattern and accessorized with shiny beads. Braiding hair, braid rings, beads
Goddess Braids with Beads Large, oversized braids styled into a crown or updo with beaded accents. Marley hair, hairpins, beads
Senegalese Twists with Beads Long, slender twists that are embellished with beads throughout, either in a pattern or randomly. Kanekalon hair, hair ties, beads

Information from an expert

As an expert in hairstyling, I can confidently say that big braids hairstyles with beads are definitely on-trend for 2021. Adding beads to your braids enhances their beauty and uniqueness, making them perfect for events such as weddings, parties or even everyday wear. These hairstyles come in various sizes and lengths, making them suitable for different hair types and personalities. A skilled stylist can help you achieve the best look that complements your features and brings out your style. Trust me; nothing beats having a gorgeous head of beautifully styled big braids with uniquely designed beads!

Historical fact:

Big braids hairstyles with beads have been a prominent hairstyle among African cultures for centuries, serving both as a cultural identifier and a means of creative expression.

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